New digital clock ‘will help Tring children tell the time’

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A secondary school has spent £350 replacing an analogue clock with a digital clock so that children can tell the time more easily.

Tring Academy says the change is something students asked for, which will help them count down the time limit during their exams.

Assistant headteacher Andrew Dobberson said: “I think our children can all tell the time. But under exam pressure it’s much easier to see the new clock and realise exactly how much time you have got left.”

Tring Academy – formerly known as Tring School – serves children aged 11 to 18.

Its older students are in the middle of their GCSE, AS and A-levels at the moment.

The new clock was bought with cash from the Friends of Tring School, which is funded by parents.

The group aims to buy something the students want every term.

But Mr Dobberson said: “It is quite hard to think of an item that lots of children will benefit from and that lots of children want.”

Ironically, the group also previously paid for a new analogue clock in the school canteen, where there was no clock before.

But Mr Dobberson said the digital clock will be better at helping students count down the ‘precise seconds and minutes’ left during exams.

He added that children are more used reading digital clocks on mobile phones, in contrast to adults, who are more likely to wear watches.