Pupils take a taste of other countries’ cultures in carnival

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PUPILS experienced a range of cultures across their multicultural week.

Each class at Dundale School in Tring embraced another country’s culture for the week, to prepare for a South American-themed carnival on Friday, February 18.

Foundation teacher Fran Dancer said her class were studying Brazil and had a visitor from Argentina.

She said children enjoyed seeing real artefacts, like a drum made of goat skin, as well as trying some new foods, including fajitas.

Each class made a flag to represent the country they studied and took part in dance workshops before performing to each other at the end of the week.

Mrs Dancer said: “They had a lovely time. Because it was so cross-curricular and creative, it really opened their eyes to other cultures.

“It is exciting for them and they can just be a little more creative.

“We also talked about issues in those countries like poverty and natural disasters.

“It is extremely important because we live in a multicultural society.”