‘Pupils will be my fondest memory of Ashlyns School’


A popular teacher has moved on from Ashlyns School after working there for more than two decades.

Martin Roper, 53, had taught English at the school in Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, since 1989.

He took charge of the teaching of English at Webber Independent School in Milton Keynes earlier this month.

He said: “Ashlyns students are absolutely wonderful and unique. It is a wonderful school with absolutely wonderful local kids.

“The school has always been very, very strong, with great care for the pastoral welfare of the students who have felt very safe and appreciated.”

Mr Roper was head of English at Ashlyns for 12 years.

He said his fondest memory would be of ‘the heart-warming quality of so many of the students over the time I have been there’.

He said: “They have been in a league of their own. There’s something very special about the Berkhamsted student at Ashlyns.”

Mr Roper believes the forthcoming switch from three-tier to two-tier education in Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas will help the area.

He said: “I think that will be a change for the better as it will draw the schools together much more cohesively.

“It is what happens at most other schools throughout the rest of the country. I think it will be a very stimulating change.”

The new system is due to be introduced at Ashlyns School from September and will be in place throughout the Berkhamsted area by September 2014.