School bus at risk

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A SCHOOL bus is at risk of being scrapped as swingeing cuts grip the public sector.

Route E464, which takes children between Little Gaddesden and Tring School, could be scrapped from September next year under Herts County Council plans.

From then, children who live more than three miles from their nearest secondary school will only be taken to the one nearest to where they live.

While Little Gaddesden falls within the catchment area for Tring School, where many children aged 11 and over go, it is more than three miles from the village.

Many will now have to go to Hemel Hempstead schools – along with current Tring School pupils who cannot find other ways to get there.

Tring School headteacher Sue Collings said: “Rural locations need to be kept together since this is how they support each other.

“A division like this will cause tension and upset both financially and emotionally.”

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