School leads kids up new pathway to aid progress

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Tring School has embarked upon a new educational ‘pathways’ programme which it believes will be tailored to the needs of individual pupils.

The new scheme, which was introduced in the second half of the current summer term, aims to personalise the learning of each pupil according to how they perform in different subjects.

The students’ curriculum is now organised into ability bands known as pathways, rather than the traditional model. This, the school says, will ensure pupils progress as hoped.

The school’s Sally Ambrose said: “The programme has been modelled on outstanding practice from other schools and then tailored to meet the needs of students at Tring School.”

The new system did, however, lead to a half-day closure on June 21. Mrs Ambrose continued: “The school closure occurred so that staff had more time to finalise the planning. We continue to be progressive with our thinking and delivery for the best learning and teaching at Tring School.”