Tighter uniform rules sent Tring pupils back home

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A parent was so shocked when her daughter was sent home from school for looking too scruffy that she took to Twitter to vent her anger.

Kirstie Campbell posted a picture of her daughter with the caption “Not smart enough for Tring School sixth form. Sent home!”

She also followed it with another picture of a similar outfit that the youngster had changed into after being sent home for breaking the new uniform regulations.

The school had tightened its reins on sixth form dress because it felt it would help the students set a good example to younger pupils, it would make them be visible in the school and the students shouldn’t be wasting their attention on fashion trends.

Rules include a ban on leggings, boots and jumpers worn without a shirt and jacket.

During the first day back on September 5 a number of pupils were sent home to change.

In a statement assistant headteacher Nigel Barlow told the Gazette that the school aimed to raise standards.

He said: “The year previously, students had been involved in the consultation process regarding a move to a more business style of dress.

“Unfortunately, students did not grasp this opportunity as we would have hoped and sought to push the boundaries. Despite warnings and communications regarding their appearance, a large proportion of the student body would not adhere to the guidance.

“Therefore, it was decided to implement a more ‘rigid’ tailored dress code, with less room for misinterpretation.

“These changes were communicated to students and parents before the summer holidays.

“It was made very clear to students and parents that any student who did not meet the dress code would be told to go home and change.”