Elderly woman calls for more parking on road after car smashes into her Berkhamsted bungalow

Josephine Pickard, 73
Josephine Pickard, 73

An elderly woman is calling for a junction to be made safer after a car ploughed off the road nearby and hit her and her neighbour’s bungalows.

Josephine Pickard, 73, said the accident left a young driver with a written-off car and bruised ribs.

Josephine Pickard, 73

Josephine Pickard, 73

She and her neighbour have recently received a letter from his insurers asking what damage was caused to their homes. The Chiltern Corner bungalows where they live are for the elderly and those in need.

Mrs Pickard says the smash may have been caused by poor parking facilities for people who live in the area and for those visiting leisure centre Berkhamsted Sportspace.

This means that many drivers park along Durrants Road and on the bend between that street and Chiltern Close – opposite her home.

She said: “Someone may be killed. There are often four cars parked on that bend, which deteriorates the view for drivers. We need more parking bays.”

She says mums with prams often cross the road in that area, so something needs to be done urgently – even if it is only installing a ‘slow down’ sign.

She has enlisted the help of Berkhamsted councillor Ian Reay to support her calls to make the junction safer.

He said: “I must admit, it does look a bit dangerous. I suggest parking be made available on the grassy area nearby.”

He said the spaces should be for people who live nearby, not users of the leisure centre.

Mrs Pickard says Mr Reay has now written to her to say that installing spaces nearby is on a list of work Herts roads chiefs plan to carry out.

Durrants Road is known as a rat-run for drivers travelling between Berkhamsted and Northchurch who want to avoid traffic on the High Street connecting the two areas.

But no plans for improving the road were listed in the Tring, Northchurch and Berkhamsted Urban Transport Plan, which was drawn up after consultation last