Elections follow-up: More votes but no seats in UKIP push

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UKIP’s Hemel Hempstead chairman is heartened by the surge of votes for his party in last week’s county elections, despite failing to win any seats in Herts.

Howard Koch said: “We didn’t manage to get all of our leaflets out so a lot of it was down to people’s general feelings. A huge number that hadn’t voted before voted for us.

“I think the next general election will be about membership of the EU. The only way forward, people are now starting to realise, is UKIP.”

But Liberal Democrat Nick Hollinghurst, who won back his seat in Tring with the highest proportion of votes in Dacorum, said: “We were particularly pleased to hold our seat in Hemel Hempstead St Paul’s, where UKIP came fourth. There seems to be a pattern that where an election is fought hard by the main parties, UKIP does badly. They only seem to do well if one party has a huge majority and there is little electoral activity.”

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