Encouraging figures show house burglary rate is reducing in Herts

Latest crime figures show household burglaries in Herts have decreased across the summer, while positive year-on-year reductions also continue.

On Friday, August 2, no household burglaries were reported anywhere across the whole county, and police say the lowering numbers of this type of crime are encouraging.



From April to date, household burglary is down 14.1 per cent compared with the same time period last year, with 140 fewer reported offences.

Chief constable Andy Bliss said: “Burglary victims face a really nasty experience and, in some instances, significant distress, so reducing offences remains a top priority for us.”

The county’s police and crime commissioner David Lloyd added: “This is very encouraging news, due in no small part to very hard work by the constabulary. However, everyone has a part to play, from householders themselves taking simple crime prevention measures and everyone looking out for each other and reporting suspicious activity to police.”