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Larry Hoyte at the St Barnabus Church Pentecost Party in Adeyfield
Larry Hoyte at the St Barnabus Church Pentecost Party in Adeyfield

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Talk on Christian Science is met with interest and questions

The catering team at the St Barnabus Church Pentecost Party in Adeyfield

The catering team at the St Barnabus Church Pentecost Party in Adeyfield

“God is working for good in your life” was the title of a free talk given by international speaker Lindsey Taylor on Sunday, June 8, at the Holiday Inn Express in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead.

There were many in the audience as Lindsey, a practitioner of Christian Science, explored an understanding of God that is meaningful, practical, progressive, supportive and which can bring healing and a sense of peace and security to your life.

Lindsey gave a step by step explanation of God and showed how He works for good in everyone’s life, giving examples from her own experience.

Afterwards, Lindsey met with members of the audience and answered questions.

This talk, sponsored by the members of First Church of Christ Scientist, Watford and Christian Science Society in Berkhamsted , was given for the community.

If you would like to learn more about the ideas shared at this talk you can visit

A Pentecost Party with a difference at St Barnabus Church, Adeyfield

On the first Christian Pentecost celebration, many nations and cultures were gathered in Jerusalem and they were amazed when they heard the Good News of Jesus in their own languages.

At St Barnabas Church, Adeyfield, on Sunday, June 8, we did this again but with the difference of gathering food from around 20 countries of the world as an amazing feast for over eighty people.

The food included curries from the Caribbean, India and Thailand, various African dishes, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian, French and Greek favourites together with typically English desserts and... Lithuanian Wedding cake!

We listened and danced (including doing the limbo!) to music from countries around the world as well, creating an amazing atmosphere of fun, joy and laughter.

A quiz provided a quieter opportunity for all ages to learn more about the world.

Vicar Richard Graham’s only request for people coming was that they arrive with empty tummies to be filled with the amazing food from other cultures and know that the celebration of 2,000 years ago still carries on.

Gideons Fun Day at Adeyfield Free Church

There were lots of fun and games including a bouncy castle, live music, magic-show and Messy Church activities at Adeyfield Free Church’s Gideons Fun Day on Saturday.

Vistiors could have a go at face-painting, Splat the Rat and a penalty shoot-out, all while taking up the chance to meet the Gideons and find out about what they are up to, locally.

Those who attended also got the opportunity to find out the latest on Adeyfield Free Church’s plans to move to the ‘Heart of Maylands’ – for more info please call the church office on 01442 260175 or see the Gazette’s coverage online.

Magic, music and Pimms at St Mary’s in Northchurch

St Mary’s Church in Northchurch will hold its summer fete on Saturday, July 5 from 2pm to 4.30pm. As well as games on the field, a magic show and visit from the Hemel Hempstead Brass Band, there will also be a barbecue and Pimms.

Christian viewpoint

The start of the first World War is much in the news. My father fought in France from 1915 to 1918 when he was injured and captured. He was sent to work in a Prussian coal mine, an experience he describes as being almost worse than the trenches. But, after a while, he describes the other prisoners as being like ‘sheep without a shepherd’. Even though suffering grievously himself, he felt all the compassion for his fellow prisoners as Jesus had when he lived among the distressed people of his day. People today, in normal life, can often be described the same way when they live their life without reference to their creator God. But Jesus said, ‘I am the Good Shepherd’, who will lead them through life and to everlasting life if they fully trust and love him.

John Young, Wigginton