Faith News: Preacher on a mission for three worthy causes

Robin McEwen
Robin McEwen

Gazette Christian Viewpoint writer and Methodist outreach worker Robin McEwen is taking on a sponsored preaching challenge around the UK.

Methodist outreach worker and preacher Robin McEwen, who often writes our Christian Viewpoint on these pages, is taking on a challenge to raise money for three worthy causes.

He hopes to undertake a sponsored preaching where he will deliver his sermon on ‘Grace’ to as many churches as possible across the country.

Churches are invited to register, and a route will then be planned, to enable Mr McEwen to visit them during one week early this year.

Money raised from the challenge will go to Kettering Hospital and Lincoln Hospital neonatal units, MIND mental health charity and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance.

Mr McEwen will be 60 this year, and 2015 also marks the 275th anniversary of John Wesley preaching his famous sermon in Bristol on Free Grace in 1740.

Mr McEwen’s charities were chosen for very personal reasons. The hospital units looked after his granddaughter Grace who was born three months early in 2014; he has had two breakdowns and has had mental health issues for most of his life; and the air ambulance sent a doctor to help him when he had a serious motorbike accident a few years ago.

In the past Mr McEwen has completed several charity events including hitch hiking around England, walking the Ridgeway, hitch hiking from John O’Groats to Land’s End and even waxing his legs!

He is prevented from achieving similar physical events as he has been registered disabled since the motorbike accident in 2008.

Thus, the idea of raising money in this way came about, thanks to Ray Evison of North Watford Methodist Church, Mr McEwen’s home church.

A team has been assembled to take care of administration, banking and all other legal implications.

Once enough churches have registered, the route will be confirgured and each church will be given a sermon date and appproximate timeslot when Mr McEwen will arrive to deliver his sermon.

Even if only the key-holder is present the sermon will be delivered and move on, but if a congregation can be present that would be even better for him.

Flexibility will be important as Mr McEwen will be travelling hundreds of miles and traffic could be an issue in some areas.

Readers can help in several ways. You can ensure your church is registered to receive a sermon; you can offer B&B to Mr McEwen as he travels around the country; you can advertise this event in your local area with a printed flyer; you can sponsor his challenge with cheques payable to Free Grace.

To do any or all of these things contact Sue Evison by email on, call 07534 835002 or write to 29 Diamond Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD24 5EN. Follow Free Grace 2015 on social media on Facebook and Twitter.