Family’s emotional appeal to hit-and-run driver that killed Fazan: ‘Look at the devastation you have caused. Turn yourself in’

The driver of the car that hit 16-year-old Fazan Ahmed stopped not far from his body after causing the injuries that would later kill him, before driving off.

The teenager was hit in Jupiter Drive, Highfield, at 8.25pm on Friday and died of his injuries in St Mary’s Hospital, London, two days later.

Devastated: Fazan's family

Devastated: Fazan's family

Further details of the crime were revealed by Det Insp Sam Khanna, from the Beds, Cambs and Herts Major Crime Unit at a press conference earlier today.

His emotional family were in tears as Mr Khanna revealed that police are trying to track down a blue, old-style Ford Focus. Two adult witnesses say it had a number plate that began with W.

But Mr Khanna said that there are 21 cars that meet that description are registered in the HP1 and HP2 postcode.

Skidmarks found near where Fazan was hit suggest the vehicle was going at 30mph to 40mph and did not have ABS brakes, Mr Khanna. Police are interviewing suspects at this time.

Police are scouring CCTV and ANPR footage to try and track down the driver, who may have had a smashed windscreen – though there is no concrete evidence of this.

Mr Khanna appealed to the driver to come forward.

He said: “Your actions have not only resulted in the death of a young man who has had his whole life ahead of him.

“But it has destroyed the lives of his family, friends and loved one. Think of how you would feel if this happened to someone you loved.

“We have a dedicated team of detectives working on this case, so we will find you. I urge you to do the right thing and hand yourself in.”

He said there is no evidence to support an earlier description of the driver as a white man with a bald patch and some white hair

Fazan was planning to go to university after sitting his A-levels at Longdean School, Bennetts End.

He had picked up his GCSE results from Adeyfield School the day before and was planning to go to university in the footsteps of his older brother.

A statement from Fazan’s family was read out at today’s press conference by neighbourhood inspector for Dacorum George Holland.

He said: “Our family were all gathered together as we were all excited for him. It was during this gathering as Fazan went outside with his many young cousins that the car has hit him.

“This tragedy has torn not just his family apart, but his friends and the community as a whole.

“Fazan’s younger, five-year-old brother and his seven-year-old sister adored him. His older brother regarded him as so much more than that.

“To the driver, we say please come forward. Look at the devastation you have caused his family, his friends and the community as a whole.

“Please come forward and help us deal with our loss.”

> If you have any information about what happened, or spot a damaged car that may be involved, phone police on 101, their emergency incident number 01707 355959 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.