Fears spread that cloning of cash cards is continuing in Tring

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Fears are rife that crooks could still be targeting people who use their cash cards in Tring.

The Gazette reported last week that people from across the town discovered cash had been withdrawn from their bank account in Columbia. Others had narrow escapes after the withdrawals were blocked.

Nick Howell says his bank, NatWest, told him his card was cloned at an ATM in the town’s London Road Tesco store.

He said: “The fraud guy stated that it was probably Tesco, as there has been a spate of these recently.”

But others have pointed the finger at other ATMs in Tring.

Tesco spokesman Adam Treslove said: “Both ATMs at our Tring store are working as normal. These machines are regularly inspected and have anti-skimming devices to protect customers from fraudulent activity.”

He said Tesco advises customers to stay vigilant at cash machines, protect their PIN numbers and report anything suspicious to their bank straight away.