Festive tree chipping is starting to catch on

The final moments of the Hesslegrave Family Christmas tree
The final moments of the Hesslegrave Family Christmas tree

More than 2,500 Christmas trees have been turned into chips at council recycling depots.

Hundreds of Dacorum people found many ways of getting their trees to shredding sites, including dragging them through the streets, putting them in wheelbarrows, and strapping them to the top of cars.

Dacorum Borough Council environmental awareness officer Sheila Chauhan said: “It’s becoming a new tradition, to see families carrying and dragging their trees through the streets at the end of Christmas.”

The result was 550 more trees were recycled than last year at the sites in Berkhamsted, Tring and Hemel Hempstead.

The council’s environmental services team worked with 1st Berkhamsted Scouts and 1st Tring Scouts groups who collected trees from homes.

People were given the option of taking away the chippings from their festive tree to scatter on their garden.

Any unclaimed chippings will be used for composting.

Councillor Julie Laws, who oversees environment and sustainabilty, said: “Thank you to everyone who made the effort – you can still recycle your real tree and Christmas cards at the household waste recycling centres in Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead, and in Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted.”