Figures on the numbers of drivers using Dacorum’s electric car charging points are not all that they seem

Electric car charging point.
Electric car charging point.

Figures published by the Gazette last week that suggested an electric charging point had been finally used by a green motorist after years of being ignored did not reveal the full picture, council officials have admitted.

It has emerged that the 17 times that the Maylands Business Centre charging point in Redbourn Road has been used is probably down to maintenance testing rather than someone topping up their electric car.

And it’s the same picture for charging points in Durrants Hill and Wood Lane End.

A council spokesman said: “The use of the points is likely to be from testing.

“As most electric vehicles are charged at work or home, these charging points are intended to be used to top up rather than provide a full charge.”

However, the spokesman insisted there is ‘clear evidence’ that charging points at Tring’s Forge and Berkhamsted’s Canal Fields car parks are being used. Together the two points have been put into action 27 times.