‘Film stars’ cars can stay where they are’

editorial image

A RURAL base for vehicles used in films will not have to revert to its agricultural use following a ruling by the planning inspectorate.

Dacorum Borough Council had tried to force the change to land at Breeches Wood in Shootersway, Berkhamsted, with a notice issued in February this year.

Officers said that planning permission was never sought to change the original, agricultural use of the site.

But an inquiry by planning inspectors earlier this month heard that the site had been used for storage for more than 10 years.

William Fonfe, who lives near Slough, told the inquiry he had used the site since the year 2000, keeping up to 40 trucks and trailers there.

Gordon Hampton, who owns the firm Location Fabrication, told the planning inspectorate he uses the site for the same purpose.

His vehicles have been to help make films including Crash 2 and World War Z.

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