Fines ‘not in the spirit of things’

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DRIVERS attending a charity run feel it was not in the ‘spirit of the event’ when many were hit with parking tickets.

Trish Woodgate, of Walnut Grove, Hemel Hempstead, was fined along with 23 other drivers when parking for the Race for Life event in Verulamiam Park in St Albans.

She took part in the event on Sunday along with her six-year-old daughter Keira and mother Pat Harris.

Organisers had said a field would be used for extra event parking, but this was ruled out due to the wet weather.

With a lack of space many drivers parked on the verge in Bluehouse Hill, near the park. Many were then hit with £35 penalty fines.

Trish’s husband Gerald said: “We’re not questioning the legality of ticketing the cars there, but I feel it was the wrong approach at such a busy charity event. I don’t think it was in the spirit of things.”

Head of legal services at St Albans City & District Council Mile Lovelady said : “There is never a good time to start enforcement action, and we are sorry that some of the people who parked there were taking part in the Race for Life.

“However, if we are serious about deterring parking in Bluehouse Hill, and we are for good reasons, then we have to treat everyone fairly.

“A total of 24 penalty charges were issued on Bluehouse Hill on Sunday.Drivers who have received a penalty notice and believe they should not have to pay it, should contact the council.”