Fire safety and fun just one of the activities in a busy week for Hemel Hempstead scouts

Hemel Hempstead District scouts have started the new year as they mean to go on, with a wide range of challenging and enjoyable activities for youngsters across the town.

Nearly 150 beavers from 12 colonies across Hemel Hempstead District spent a happy day at Hobbs Hill Wood School learning about animals and how to respect and care for them.

Apsley cubs get to grips with fire safety at Kings Langley

Apsley cubs get to grips with fire safety at Kings Langley

Local experts from The Animal Shed brought a selection of unusual and exotic animals, and organised activities for the young people to give them a hands-on experience with species they may not have encountered before.

The animals included a blue-tongued skink, a tortoise, stick insects, ferrets, tarantulas, corn snakes and pythons.

Elsewhere, nearly 80 cubs from across 1st Apsley’s three packs attended Kings Langley Fire Station to learn about fire safety.

Kings Langley is not fully staffed, and operates as a ‘retained’ station, with local officers on call to respond to shouts as necessary.

Cubs learned about fire prevention, types of fire and the importance of working smoke alarms.

They listened to talks and watched training DVDs to understand the role of our firefighters, and also discovered that our fire fighters go out and talk about fire safety in the community.

The evening ended with a tour of the fire station and engine, and after dressing up a leader in full fire-fighting gear to learn the importance of the correct kit, the cubs received practical training with the fire hoses!

Cubs were very grateful for the time and enthusiasm the Kings Langley firefighters gave them, and came away having learned a huge amount about the dangers of fire.

Meanwhile, members of the 7th Hemel Hempstead (Lockers Park) group took on the vitally important task of building towers, using only spaghetti and marshmallows. The tower had to be strong enough to support a Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

Points were awarded for teamwork, design, and of course, the height of the egg!

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