‘Forget your car park, our very survival is at stake’

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One of the founding members of Transition Town Berkhamsted says building a multi-storey car park there will play a part in ‘threatening the survival of the human race’.

Dacorum Borough Council is planning a new £3m three-floor facility in its Lower Kings Road area to help solve the spaces shortage for shoppers and workers.

But Bruce Nixon, 79, said: “Surely it is madness to propose a multi-storey car park when climate change is threatening the survival of the human race?”

He said the cash should instead go towards ‘helping us kick our addiction to cars,’ for instance by creating cycle paths between Berkhamsted and nearby towns.

Mr Nixon, of the town’s Castle Hill Avenue, said: “When we build car parks, there’s more congestion, more pollution of the air and more ill health.”

Mr Nixon, author of A Better World is Possible, said driving cars causes ill health by making us lazy and polluting our air.

He said: “It sounds extreme, but creatures have been annihilated by changes in the earth throughout history and it could happen to us.”