Former Watford footballer and Aylesbury Grammar School pupil Richard Lee launches new book

Richard Lee
Richard Lee

Former Aylesbury Grammar School pupil and Watford goalkeeper Richard Lee has released his second book.

The ex-AGS student, who used to play for Bedgrove Dynamos in the town, represented the Hornets, Brentford and England Under 20s during his career.

Since retiring, the 35-year-old has turned his hand to books and has launched a new book appropriately titled: “So, You Want To Be A Professional Footballer?” in which he speaks candidly about his experiences in and out of the game, the psychology that kept him on the straight and narrow and the tools that helped him reach the highest echelons of English football, the Premier League.

“Knowledge is power and technique is everything,” says Lee in his new book.

As a shot-stopper, Lee was considered to be the ‘best in class’ by fans and his fellow peers: not just through his agility, but his ability to read people’s minds from 12 yards.

Now, in what is the first of a three-part trilogy, the former Watford and Brentford favourite offers psychological advice to players and parents alike on what is required to reach the summit.

Narrated by Adam Woodage, a highly acclaimed young UK author, Adam provides a mind blowingly accurate account of Lee’s time in the game, coupled with a plethora of insightful tales and self-help strategies, which are a must-read for any young footballer.

In keeping with his on-field and academic prowess growing up in Aylesbury, Lee has been able to break down developmental and psychological theories into easy to digest anecdotal stories, which are endorsed by West Bromwich Albion keeper Ben Foster and former Newcastle United defender Mike Williamson.

“My purpose was to produce more of an educational book that raised the bar of a conventional autobiography, which Adam has done exceptionally well to create,” Lee said.

“He has been able to hone in on real-life situations from my career and applied context around them to help others share in the same success, but avoid the same pitfalls too.

“The information provided is not goalkeeping specific either, which was important to me. I wanted it to be more of an all-encompassing helpful reference guide, which looked at the broader aspect of performance. Having something like this when I was growing up would definitely have helped me,” he added.

The book is aimed at those between 12-20 years old, although it also offers parental advice to assist players’ transition through various academies into first- and second-year professionals.

Lee takes the standpoint that no one-size fits all, and his first book is reflective of that and how to be the best that you can be, whatever your starting position.

So, if you’re looking to put the know in knowhow, this book provides meaningful theory and application around goal-setting, sacrifices and performance coaching, which are all required to reach the top.

To order a copy of ‘So, You Want To Be A Professional Footballer’, visit The book retails at £11.99.

You can also still purchase Lee’s 2012 book ‘Graduation: Life Lessons Of A Professional Footballer’ – previously a best seller on – priced at £9.99.