Four day water leak during drought

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A PENSIONER has hit out at Thames Water for wasting water by taking four days to come out and fix a leak a week after announcing a hosepipe ban.

Ray Fraser, who lives in Rosebery Way in Tring, was even more upset that an engineer turned up a day later than the water company had agreed to fix a leak that was running down a path outside his home.

The 68-year-old said: “Our water rates have gone up and there’s all this talk about saving water but what could have been gallons of water has been left to run out for four days.

“I waited all afternoon for someone to come out and fix it but they didn’t turn up and we are paying enough money for it.”

Thames Water spokesman Natalie Slater explained that the company fixes leaks in order of priority to prevent as much water as possible from being wasted.

Read the full story in tomorrow’s Berkhamsted and Tring Gazette.