Gadebridge Park: ‘we can work together to help ease flooding’

Dry Gadebridge park. Picture taken on Feb 18, 2013.
Dry Gadebridge park. Picture taken on Feb 18, 2013.

Officials at the Environment Agency say they are happy to work with others to help ease the risk of flooding at Gadebridge Park.

Overflowing water from the River Gade recently put much of the Hemel Hempstead park out of action, including a children’s play area, and threatened to swamp the bowls club until Dacorum Borough Council took action by clearing weeds from part of the river.

Environment Agency senior planning officer Jonathan Sellars said: “We have spoken with local residents and we are keen to work with them and the local authority to help reduce the disruption to this popular public amenity.

“The risk of flooding can never be eliminated completely but working in partnership with the local community, we can help reduce the impacts of any flooding.”

The agency said the council is responsible for the maintenance of the river on its land.