Garage to help beat the crooks with free ‘cat’ marking


A garage has teamed up with police in a bid to protect motorists from crooks who snatch catalytic converters from vehicles.

This type of theft continues to be on the increase due to the rising price of metal.

The Old Dairy Garage in Ickneild Way, Tring, is offering a free catalytic converter marking service on Monday, January 7.

Herts Constabulary strategic crime reduction officer Ian Dowse said: “There’s been a rise in the theft of catalytic converters in recent weeks, particularly from diesel vans, because of the precious metals in the unit and they are relatively easy to remove.

“Marking the converters makes them much less appealing to thieves, as they can easily be traced back to where they were stolen from. We are now working with reputable scrap metal dealers across the county who routinely record who they buy metal from, so we have a good chance of catching the person that stole the unit.”

The marking service is on offer to owners of diesel light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of up to 7.5 tonnes. The fitting takes around 10 minutes. To book an appointment call 01442 824433.