Gazette team takes on 5.3-mile challenge

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Two Gazette reporters and its photographer were among more than 100 taking part in the Aldbury Cross Country Challenge.

Veteran jogger Dave Satchel, 68, has run in the 5.3-mile annual run from the village, through the Ashridge Estate and over the Ridgeway 18 times.

Gazette photographer Dave achieved a time of 57 mins 57 secs – but sprained his hamstring as he was approaching the last mile.

Dave said: “It hurts a bit, but it was a lovely run, a perfect day and everybody has been really friendly as they always are.”

He was joined for this race by reporters David O’Neill and Tom Foster.

David, 25, got around the course in 56 mins, coming 89th out of 106 runners.

Tom, 24, finished with a time of 70 mins 33 secs.

He said: “Considering I had done no training, I found it tough but not impossible.

“There were lots of hills, but it was a good atmosphere with lots of friendly people and spectacular scenery.”

The overall winner was Ross Langley, from Tring Running Club, who finished in 32 mins 53 secs.

Steve Sells, who helps organise the fundraising race to maintain Aldbury Sports Club, said: “It is always very jovial, because it is a run for everybody.

“We have had 78-year-old men wandering around the course right through to young children.

“It was such a nice day on Sunday, and there was a real feel-good factor to the event.”