German motors are tops for speeding convictions

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German-made motors are the cars most likely to be driven by motorists with speeding convictions.

That’s according to research by insurance firm Swinton, which has launched an ‘online speedometer’ where people can see how high or low their car rates in the speeding offence stakes.

The firm analysed data from 11 million quote forms to find out which motorists had declared speeding convictions and compared this to 545 different makes and models of vehicles they drove.

BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi all have more than one model of car featured in the top 50. In fact, these makes hold five of the top ten spots with the Volkswagen Phaeton holding the highest place at number four.

The top risk car in this survey was the Chrysler Ypsilon, which despite featuring a low number of quotes, had a very high conviction rate (73 convictions out of 165 quotes declaring a speeding conviction).

While British motorists will be penalised for driving their German-made cars too fast on UK motorways, the German Autobahn doesn’t have a universal speeding limit, which allows motorists to hit the top speeds of their vehicle.

Swinton’s Steve Chelton said, “German made cars are known to be efficient, stylish and now fast. However we must warn motorists that speeding is illegal and a conviction can add points to their licence, a fine and possible increase in their car insurance premium.”

Swinton has created an online speedometer where motorists can enter their vehicle’s make and model to find out how likely their vehicle is to be caught speeding

The top 10

Chrysler Ypsilon

Daewoo Lacetti

TVR Griffith 500

VW Phaeton

Jaguar XK

Mercedes R Class

Audi Q3

Audi A7

Citroen DS4