Get your dancing shoes on – there’s snow excuse!

Strictly Learn Dancing for the Hospice of St Francis 2012.
Strictly Learn Dancing for the Hospice of St Francis 2012.

I THOUGHT the snow might have meant the dance lesson was cancelled this week – fingers crossed.

But alas, it still went ahead, but there were reduced numbers as some could not make it (or face it?) because of the difficult conditions.

I must confess that myself and dance partner Michael Carillo did consider using the weather as an excuse to not turn out, but decided catching up after missing a lesson would be much harder than putting in the effort to attend the class.

It has to be said I wasn’t in the best of moods – bluntly put, I didn’t want to go.

Tiredness has always been my downfall – anyone that knows me can testify that this affliction reveals a stroppy unattractive side of my personality.

But, as my mother always told me, that is no excuse, Victoria.

However, I did forget those wise words for a few seconds when the waltz wasn’t going quite my way and I stroppily told Shirley: “There’s just no point.”

This did not go down well with Michael who seems to have developed a soft side for our pint-sized dance teacher, possibly because she hasn’t given up all hope on us.

At the end of the lesson he told me: “You were moody with Shirley, that wasn’t very nice.”

Oops! So sorry Shirley – this Sunday I will be a more willing pupil.

Despite the rocky start to the evening, things did look up during the jive practice.

And my mood was further bolstered when Michael received strict instructions from Shirley that he must practice this week to get up to scratch – something I’ve been pushing for the last two weeks without results.

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