Getting to Know: Keely Charlick

Keely Charlick
Keely Charlick

We have 14 questions and we want answers!

Keely Charlick is chief executive of Sunnyside Rural Trust, a charity which provides rural work opportunities for adults with learning difficulties. It has a farm in Northchurch and a food garden in Hemel Hempstead selling homegrown and locally-sourced produce.

What is your favourite food?

Grilled halloumi

What’s the most played song on your iPod?

Eva Cassidy, Songbird

Your favourite quote?

At bottom every person knows well enough that they are a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvellously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as they are, ever be put together a second time – Friedrich Nietzsche

Favourite thing to do to relax?

Spending time with my family

Thing you hate doing the most?

Repeating something

Invite five famous people for dinner, past or present - who and why?

Aung San Suu Kyi, Samuel Hahnemann, Kate Bush, Maya Angelou and Gandhi All have made my life more interesting or inspired me profoundly

Your favourite thing to do or place to visit in Dacorum?

Sitting in the tranquillity area at Hemel Food Garden

If the world was ending in 2014, what would you do differently?

I’d spend every minute with my beautiful family

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be and why?

First moon landing (actually on the moon), just can’t imagine what that would feel like

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A vet

What was the last film you watched?

The Fox and the Hound – 1981 American animated film loosely based on the Daniel P. Mannix novel of the same name, produced by Walt Disney Productions film company

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Kill an animal (out of mercy)

What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?

Best – my daughter. Worst – a dodgy handbag

How would you like to be remembered?

Passionate, optimistic and that I made a difference