‘Give us some more short stay spaces’

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CHANGES to car parking are being called for in a bid to boost a market’s trade.

Tring Town Council want more short stay spaces to make it easier for customers to visit the Friday Market.

Councillors have written to Dacorum Borough Councillor Bert Chapman, who oversees car parks, to ask for 20 long stay spaces to be changed to short stay.

Acting clerk Dawn Slade wrote: “This will significantly help us arrest the decline in market use for the benefit of both the borough and the town councils – as well as the people of Tring.”

Short stay spaces are at the top of a hill which leads down to the Brook Street market, leaving elderly customers with an uphill struggle back to their cars.

Fruit and vegetable trader Tony Broomhead wants customers to be allowed to park anywhere. He said: “It is disgusting that these poor old age pensioners have to walk right up the top.”

Market manager Paul Hopwood said: “It will definitely make a difference to trade.”

Dacorum spokesman Sara Hamilton said Mr Chapman is investigating the matter.

Parking development officer Steve Barnes added: “The reason short stay was put where it is, is because it is closest to the town centre where trading occurs seven days a week.”