Gossoms End scouts start partnership with rural trust

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SCOUTS kicked off a summer long jam-making project by planting strawberries galore at a community nursery.

The team of scouts, cubs and beavers from 1st Gossoms End planted more than 400 strawberry plants at the Sunnyside Rural Trust site in Northchurch.

The idea came from the group’s plans to form a meaningful and lasting community partnership with a Berkhamsted charity.

Group leader Jo McAulay said: “We’re also using the Rural Trust’s land to practise putting up tents before our next camp and we will be fundraising for the charity too.”

The jam will be sold to family, friends and at Sunnyside’s stall at Berkhamsted market and the proceeds will be used to support the organisation.

Strawberry growing is the first of a number of joint projects that will bring benefits to both the Scout troop and Sunnyside Rural Trust.

Chief executive Keely Charlick said: “We see this as the start of a long term relationship with the scouts and plan for them to grow potatoes next year which they can bake on their camp fires.”