Got a rat problem? That’ll cost you £40 under new borough rules


Changes to Dacorum’s pest control service will see householders paying around £40 to tackle rat infestations – a service that was previously free in the borough.

The amendments are intended to bring in extra income for the borough council but are also hoped to reduce the number of unnecessary and speculative call-outs.

The prices are in line with other local authorities in Hertfordshire, who charge between £17.70 and £61.40 for the service. A private company would charge in the region of £74.

In addition to the rat control costs, the borough council will also introduce paid-for services to deal with other pests including mice, fleas, wasps or hornets, ants and cockroaches, with prices ranging from £30 to £60.

Cases concerning council housing tenants will be assessed individually to see whether they or the local authority would foot the bill, depending on where fault for the infestation lies.

In a meeting of the council’s cabinet last night, plans to further develop the authority’s pest control services in the commercial sector were also revealed, which would generate further income.