Gym club asks for your thoughts on bold move

A10 WEEK 38'MCBH'rd'Sapphire Gymnastics Team
A10 WEEK 38'MCBH'rd'Sapphire Gymnastics Team

A successful gymnastics school that aims to have at least one participant at Rio 2016 is planning to move to a new base and wants feedback from the public over what services to provide in the future.

In the wake of the Olympics, Sapphire Gymnastics, currently based at Sportspace Hemel Hempstead, has applied for funding to Sport England to move to a new home in Maylands.

The site, which the club plans to renovate, and is prepared to fund itself if not awarded a grant to help with the £2.7m bill, will provide more than enough space for separate elite and recreational gyms, a large dance studio, a cafe and small play area.

A survey has been opened up to the public to help get feedback on the sorts of other provisions people would like to see. These could include streetdance, cheerleading, gym fusion, team gymnastics and competitive sports aerobics.

Club manager Annie Price said: “We have found a facility in the industrial estate and will be applying this month to Sport England for funding to purchase and renovate this site.

“If we do not receive funding, we will have to raise the cash ourselves.

“In order to get our provision right, we really need feedback from the public.”

The online survey has already been sent out to senior schools across Hemel Hempstead.

Visit Sapphire’s website at to find a link to the survey.