Hall receives a boost to funds

THE next stage of a project to revive a village hall has been boosted by a £2,500 investment from Tring Town Council.

Councillors agreed to help fund the overhaul at Hastoe in a finance meeting on Monday night.

The hall trustees bidded for a grant from the council but councillors decided to provide the money from its reserves, instead of the £10,000 budget for grants.

Mayor of Tring John Allan said: “A few years ago I was surprised to find a surplus in our accounts.

“In the present circumstances we should not afraid to use these reserves should we find something outside our budget that we wish to do.

“If we think something is important to do we should be afraid to take it out of our reserves.”

A number of councillors attended the launch of the hall’s library on April 1.

Councillor Penny Hearn said: “We were all impressed with what they had done to the hall.

“It is part of Tring and if we feel as a committee we can afford £2,500, which is a large sum of money for us I have to say – we only give small amounts usually. As the mayor has pointed out, we have a little bit more in our budget.

“I would very much like to support this.”

Councillor Nick Hollinghurst said: “This hall is an absolute gem and it has been in extremely poor condition.

“When we were there it was remarkable how much work had already been put into this project.

“I do know there are not many people in the Hastoe area but when you see how much money has been raised already, they must have all made personal contributions themselves and they have never ask this council for any funds.”

Chairman of Trustees David Ridgewell said: “Specifically we have asked the council to contribute to the work in the kitchen. It is in a very sad state.”

“Since functions like wedding receptions are being held there from time to time, the kitchen needs to be capable of dealing with that kind of function.”