Hare Krishnas celebrate 40 years since Beatle George’s donation

Bhaktivedanta Manor, Aldenham
Bhaktivedanta Manor, Aldenham

After a recent private opening of the George Harrison Memorial Garden by the late Beatle’s widow Olivia Harrison and TV presenters Monty Don and Peter Owen Jones, the garden is now open to the public at the grand Krishna festival held annually at Bhaktivedanta Manor.

During the festival of Janmashtami, which starts on Wednesday and is expected to attract more than 60,000 visitors between now and Sunday, September 21, the Hare Krishnas will be celebrating 40 years since the mansion house and estate was donated by George Harrison.

The festival of Janmashtami observes the birth of Lord Krishna, and everyone is welcome.

Throughout the festival field there will be tents carrying themes relating to the 40th anniversary of the Manor.

There will be a special ‘40th’ tent with exhibitions and videos. 40 children will have their faces painted blue, many carrying flutes and wearing peacock feathers in their hair, dressing like Lord Krishna as part of the festive spirit.

The Young Indian Vegetarian Society will be seeking to recruit 40 new vegetarians over the festival period.

Another highlight will include a flowered walkway through the spiritual gardens and woodland.

Visitors will journey through the life and pastimes of Lord Krishna climaxing with a glimpse of the spectacular deity of Krishna decorated with thousands of flowers.

The entire festival is managed and run by 1,200 volunteers from the community who gather every evening after work for a month prior to the event.

The Bhaktivedanta Manor Gaudiya Vaishnava temple is in Hillfield Lane, Aldenham, WD25 8DT – you can find more details online at www.bhaktivedantamanor.co.uk.