Harry and Lily top the polls for most popular baby names

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Harry and Lily are the names of choice for new parents according to the latest statistics.

In figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics the two names were the most popular choices for proud parents living in the South East during 2011.

During the previous year the most popular name for a boy in the region was Oliver, which has now been bumped down to second place in the polls. While Olivia, now third in the list of popularity was top of the list in 2011.

The latet top ten list for boys sees Jack come in third, followed by Charlie, George, Thomas, James, Alfie, William and Joshua.

And for the girls Amelia is the second most popular name, followed by Olivia, Jessica, Emily, Sophie, Chloe, Grace, Isabella and Isla.

The statistics come from annual birth registration data covering all live births in England and Wales in 2011.