Harry’s new show is going with a banger

leisure week 09 as file name
leisure week 09 as file name

It’s been six years since floppy-collared loon that is Harry Hill last hit the road for a proper tour.

So his current 40-date slog, Sausage Time. is a welcome return to live comedy, and it rolls the Watford Colosseum next Wednesday, March 6.

Harry told the Gazette: “It’s a long time to have been away from it...It’s a bit like falling back in love with a girlfriend!”

In recent years he has changed the face of prime time Saturday evening viewing with TV Burp.

Harry’s unique take on the week’s television spawned catchphrases, extreme fondness for the idea of a scrap (“...there’s only one way to find out....fiiiiigggghhht!”)and made stars out of knitted toys.

The new show features surreal stand-up, visual comedy, pure silliness and a finale playing tribute to the Olympic opening ceremony – if that sounds like your idea of a good night out, call 0845 075 3993.