Have you got the heart to help homeless cats?

Four of the five cats who have been left homeless after their owner passed away
Four of the five cats who have been left homeless after their owner passed away

The neighbour of an elderly cat lover who recently died is appealing for help in rehoming her five moggies left behind.

Edith Kinch, of Fields End, has been caring for the cats, who are all in good health, since 83-year-old Barbara Madarang – known as Babs – passed away in September.

Edith, of The Lawns, said: “Babs was a character, and she was well known in Fields End. She will be missed.

“I have two cats of my own, so I can’t take any in. I know Babs would have wanted us to find homes for them.”

Barbara had lived in Hemel Hempstead for around 25 years before she passed away from lung and brain cancer last month after a 10 week hospital stay.

Her daughter Linda Paydar – who lives in Crystal Palace, London – said: “Mum loved her cats. Her favourite was Ginger – he’d come and sit on her lap while she was watching telly and they would fall asleep together.”

Sadly, Linda cannot take on the homeless felines herself as she suffers from a severe cat allergy as well as asthma.

She said: “I’d love to take them, but when I had a cat before I nearly died twice.”

Linda, 62, has been in touch with 16 rescue organisations, including the Cats Protection League and the RSPCA, but all centres are either full or not taking in healthy cats.

She said: “I’m running out of ideas, and it’s getting chillier now. The cats aren’t feral, they’re just timid but very friendly once they get to know you.

“They’re used to being looked after and they haven’t been deliberately abandoned.

“If anyone thinks they could give them a home, then please get in touch.”

If you could offer one of these cats a second chance, call Linda on 07970 555646, or Edith on 07503 722564.