Bowel cancer screening to help more

A LIFE-SAVING bowel cancer screening programme is now on offer to more people.

West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust has announced the programme is now open to those aged up to 75.

Since 2008, every resident in the area aged between 60 and 69 has been offered a free home screening kit once every two years.

It is designed to highlight any potential disease before it has a chance to take hold and has already helped to save the lives of dozens of people.

Consultant gastroenterologist and screening programme director Dr Alistair King said: “Bowel cancer is very much a curable disease, however it does need to be detected early to maximise the chance of cure.

“The bowel cancer screening kit is a really simple test, which can help detect bowel cancer at an early stage before the patient even develops symptoms. Extending it to incorporate a larger age range will allow us to save even more lives.”

Anyone aged between 60 and 75 and registered with a GP can request a home screening kit by calling 0800 707 6060.