‘Heartening’ care at ward in hospital is given praise

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A REPORT published yesterday says care for the elderly in a town centre hospital is ‘excellent’.

The Care Quality Commission was full of praise for St Peter’s Rehabilitation Ward at Hemel Hempstead Hospital.

The 20-bed unit cares for patients including the elderly when they are between needing acute care and being able to live at home with minimal support.

The report says: “It was particularly heartening to hear the feedback of some of the patients.

“The staff really are to be commended in their work.”

The group, which monitors the standards of healthcare across the UK, visited the ward on Thursday, August 17.

Its report says: “People we spoke with told us they felt involved and respected in their care and treatment.

“All the people we talked with spoke very highly of the staff, and told us that they were treated with dignity and respect, had their views taken into account, and were given choices in and supported to make decisions about their care.”

Patients were kept up-to-date about what medication they were taking.

There was a low turnover of staff and a good choice of food, including snacks and fresh water.

Group and occupational therapy and physiotherapy was there for patients, too.

The report read: “People told us they felt safe on the ward and with the staff who were looking after them.

“People we spoke with felt confident to talk to staff about any concerns.

“They also told us staff were excellent in caring for them, and always came and answered their call bells almost immediately to see what they needed.

“Sometimes staff would need to come back if they were in the middle of something else, but would always check that the person who had pressed their bell was not in immediate need of assistance.”