Know what to do if your child needs NHS help

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WITH the summer holidays here health chiefs are reminding parents of the services available should a child have an accident or become ill.

Herts Primary Care Trust says children recover quickly from illness but can also become poorly more quickly, so it’s important to get medical advice if a condition worsens.

Dr Hilary Angwin said: “We want parents and children to enjoy the school holidays but if your child does feel unwell or hurts themselves, there’s a range of NHS services that can help. It’s important to use the right one for your child’s symptoms so that they get the right treatment from the right person, as quickly as possible.”

Very minor illnesses like colds can be treated at home but a pharmacist is a good source of expert help and advice.

NHS Direct is available 24/7 and can be reached on 0845 4647 or at

If a child needs attention but not urgently contact your GP or call 03000 333 333 in the evening or at weekends. The urgent care centre at Hemel Hempstead Hospital can treat cuts, bruises and burns but in an emergency always dial 999.