Man’s 75 pints of blood win him one great award

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THE man who made 75 donations of blood to the NHS has been awarded.

Tring-based Michael Barratt was among just three per cent of people reach that number of the pint-sized, live-saving give-aways.

In an event at Kingsway Hall Hotel in Holborn, the NHS Blood and Transport (NHSBT) rewarded him and 52 others who fell into the three per cent.

Awards presenter Julie Henderson said: “During the birth of my daughter my uterus was accidentally cut, which resulted in internal bleeding.

“My body went into shock and I received a number of emergency blood transfusions to replace the units my body was losing.

“I remained in hospital for nearly two weeks, where I received many blood transfusions and eventually returned home with my little bundle of joy.

“Since this shocking experience, I have not looked back. I appreciate every day and am grateful for each moment I get to spend with my beautiful little girl who is now a bubbly 4 year-old, bursting with energy and life.

“I now compete in sporting challenges such as triathlons to raise awareness of the need for more blood donors.”

To find out more or book a session to give blood, call 0300 123 23 23 or visit