Revellers urged to cutback on their alcoholic tipples

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DRINKERS are being urged to cut down on how much booze they knock-back in a bid to reduce crime and accidents in 2012.

The plea from The County Community Safety Unit comes following the recent publication of a national report that recommends people should have two alcohol-free days each week.

Superintendent Mick Hanlon, who heads up the safety unit - made up of council, police and fire service officials - said: “We want people to enjoy alcohol sensibly and safely so they’re not putting themselves at risk.

“Drinking too much alcohol can leave you more vulnerable to crime and less in control of your actions. We want people the think about how much they drink and see if they can do anything differently this year.”

Revellers are advised to swap alcoholic drinks with soft ones, never drink on an empty stomach or when stressed and always plan how you are going to get home from a night out.