Hemel Hempstead landlords urged to check out Green Deal

Property news
Property news

The National Landlords Association has invited landlords in Hemel Hempstead and Watford to attend their next meeting on Wednesday to learn about the Green Deal government scheme to make all properties more energy efficient.

One important element is the focus on rental properties, ensuring landlords provide a suitably energy efficient environment for their tenants.

Under the Green Deal, the cost of energy efficiency improvements, such as loft and wall insulation, will be paid through a loan attached to the property’s energy bills.

However, due to the energy savings achieved by the improvements, the energy bill will never be higher than it would have been if the work had not been carried out.

The NLA has launched NLA Green Deal, a complete Green Deal solution which will enable landlords to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties with ease.

From assessing the eligibility of your properties to finding a provider and installing the improvements, NLA Green Deal will provide landlords with a complete Green Deal solution.

NLA Green Deal account manager Jill Nelson says the meeting is an opportunity for forward-looking landlords to learn about new energy efficiency initiatives:

She said: “The Green Deal is landlords’ opportunity to improve the quality of their properties and demonstrate their ability to engage with government initiatives without the burden of further regulation. It is also critical that landlords future-proof their properties and investments.”

The meeting will take place from 6pm at the Park Inn in Watford on Wednesday, July 10.

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