Hemel Hempstead sleep-out demo is set to raise awareness of bedroom tax


A mass sleep-out in Hemel Hempstead town centre aims to raise awareness of the negative effects of the so-called ‘bedroom tax’.

The event is part of a nationwide campaign to protest against the government welfare reforms which organiser Ed Colenutt says hit the weakest in society hardest.

He said: “This is a day of action against the bedroom tax and the impending homelessness crisis, because people can’t afford the money that is being asked of them.

“We have a high number of people on benefits in Dacorum, so it is just about showing that there are people who will stand against this. It is hard to gauge the public reaction until you do an event like this.”

Ed will be distributing leaflets in the town centre ahead of the sleep-out on Saturday, August 24. He is appealing for anyone interested in joining the protest, planned for the food court area outside Boots in Marlowes, to visit The Mass Sleep Out – Hemel Hempstead page on Facebook.