Heritage: Taking a ... drive ... down memory lane

Above: Fishing for memories: a Viva (HB) model from 1967 and the scenic route: a Viva (HA) SL90 of around 1963 vintage
Above: Fishing for memories: a Viva (HB) model from 1967 and the scenic route: a Viva (HA) SL90 of around 1963 vintage

For many drivers, a car is not just a means of getting from A to B.

Cars can be intrinsically linked to people’s lives; so much so they can be considered part of the family, with many often given a name.

Now a Dacorum car dealer is encouraging people to take a trip down memory lane and recall memorable experiences with their car to contribute to its Vauxhall and I project.

Evans Halshaw, based on Two Waters Road in Hemel Hempstead, is inviting Vauxhall owners past and present to visit its www.vauxhallandi.co.uk microsite which showcases a compilation of personal stories, anecdotes and unique photographs that share the memories and relationships people have with their Vauxhall cars.

The dealership wants as many people in the Dacorum area as possible to contribute their very own drive-time tales, precious pictures and remarkable memories to the online compendium and play their part in uncovering Vauxhall’s history.

From babies born on back seats to wedding day transport tales, amazing road trips to all corners of the earth and anything in between, Vauxhall owners from the past and present day are being invited to submit the stories they wish to share.

Neil Michaelson, dealer principal at Evans Halshaw Hemel, said: “Many memories are made from experiences owning and travelling in Vauxhall cars and we’re lucky to hear some of these from our customers here at the dealership.

“Vauxhall and I, which was launched to mark the brand’s 110th Anniversary, is not simply a testament to Vauxhall cars, but to the way in which they have touched people’s lives.

“Since then, the site has become a hosting ground for personal stories that celebrate the people who have loved and driven Vauxhall cars from the earliest days of the company right through to the current day.

“We’re keen for the site to feature lots of tales from people in the local area and so urge the community to cast their minds back and unearth some real gems of tales!”

All those who upload their stories to Vauxhall and I before December 31 will be entered into a prize draw to win £1,000.

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