Hero who saved the life of Tring father has been found as friends pay tribute to a ‘kind, helpful man’


The Good Samaritan whose quick-thinking actions saved a man’s life after he’d suffered a heart attack has been named locally as Brenig Mason.

The father-of-three stepped in after Darren Miles collapsed in the car park of Tring Community Centre in Silk Mill last Monday.

Brenig – also know as Bren – performed CPR until paramedics and an ambulance arrived on the scene and rushed Darren to Watford General Hospital.

Doctors discovered a blood clot behind his heart and put in two stents before putting him into an induced coma. Darren’s worried family were told that it was touch and go for a while, and while he has awoken from his coma he is still suffering memory loss and will remain in hospital indefinitely.

Darren’s sister Shelley Hearn said: “Bren is an amazing man, who after we thanked just walked away as if it was something he does every day. He doesn’t realise he saved my brother’s life, and for that me and my family cannot thank him enough.

“If it wasn’t for him, Darren would have died. I want to thank the community of Tring for their help and most of all the stranger that gave my family the best Christmas present ever – and that’s my brother.”

Meredith Hepner Chapman, a friend of Bren and his family, said: “The Masons were one of the first families we met after moving to Tring. They are the kindest, sweetest, loveliest family ever.

“Bren is such a kind, helpful man. A hard-working humble chap who will probably be hating all this fuss. They are a fun, ‘salt of the earth’ loving family.

“Bren would probably regard saving someone’s life as something not newsworthy, but just something any decent human being would do. He wouldn’t give it a second thought!”

The link to the story on the Hemel Today website was posted on the Everything Tring Facebook page, prompting those who know Bren to comment on his heroic actions.

One said: “Bren is lovely. I’m not surprised he’s the mystery man as he’s a very unassuming person.”

The family is still keen to speak to Bren so they can thank him properly for what he has done. Darren’s brother David said: “I want to give him a great big hug and say thank you for saving my brother’s life.”

Bren can contact David by emailing him at davidnmiles@live.co.uk.