Herts crime boss admits: ‘I didn’t get the memo on 20mph talk’


Herts’ police and crime commissioner says he missed a strategy meeting on 20mph speed limit zones in the county because he ‘got it wrong’.

David Lloyd failed to attend the two-day summit – which considered changing the way speed limits are determined – because he confused it with another overview and scrutiny committee meet on part-night lighting.

Liberal Democrat member of Herts County Council Sandy Wilkington said: “Much of the discussion centred around the ability and resources available to the police to enforce speed limits, and yet his name tag sat uncollected by the door.

“It is deplorable that Mr Lloyd did not give his apologies until prompted by the chairman after the first day’s proceedings. He did not arrange for a subsititute for him as a county councillor member of the committee. He did not arrange for any of his highly paid deputies in the police commissioner’s office to give evidence.

“He even failed to appear after a special plea was put out for him or one of his deputies, after hearing the evidence from the police officer.

“The least Herts residents can expect is that he should turn up.”

Mr Lloyd said: “I was specifically asked that I did not take part in the part-night lighting debate because it would conflict with my role as crime commissioner. I thought it was at the same time as this, but it may well be that I got it wrong.

“Clearly if the local population want 20mph zones, I am fully supportive of them being brought in. Hopefully they will be self-policing, and the constabulary will look at them and see whether or not the policing needs to be stepped up.

“The community drive safe schemes we have got in the county are a good place to start with this and I will give it my full support.”

The committee’s recommendations – which could make it simpler for 20mph zones to be created in residential areas – have been submitted to cabinet member for highways Terry Douris for consideration.