Homemade sign offering free dog poo bags encourages pet owners to pick up after their pooches

Dog fouling
Dog fouling

Free dog poo bags taped to a lamppost have helped to combat a mucky problem in Gadebridge

Lesley Marshall says the antisocial issue of dog fouling has disappeared since she started offering free poop bags.

Free dog poo bags in Gadebridge.

Free dog poo bags in Gadebridge.

A dog owner herself, Lesley took the action at the end of the year after becoming fed up with discovering left behind mess outside her front door in Butts End.

Her homemade sign pinned to the lamppost reads: “Hi Dogs, Please remind your owner/walker to clear up after No2s.

“In case you left yours at home, have one of these.

“Pooh bin located in car park.

“Please help to keep the pathway clear of dog faeces.”

The IT support analyst puts around four poo bags out each week to encourage pet owners to pick up.

“I think people should be more responsible if they own a dog,” Lesley said. “It is just wrong and it spreads all sorts of diseases. It’s just not nice.”

The Box Moor Trust is also encouraging dog owners to clean up after their pets.

General manager Ian Richardson said: “Dog walking on the moors and Westbrook Hay is a very popular activity and we have no wish to stop that, but obviously dog fouling remains an issue for the trust and it is only a minority of dog owners that don’t play by the rules.”

He said dog fouling is a particular nuisance outside The Old Barn at Westbrook Hay, which is often used as an educational hub for children. Signs have been put up around the area to urge responsible dog ownership.

With the lambing season fast approaching Mr Richardson is also urging people to keep their dogs on leads when near livestock.

The trust’s Paws on the Moor event - being run for the second time on June 13 - aims to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership.