Hospice to benefit from Moor End camera fines

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UNCLAIMED fines from the Moor End Road traffic camera will be given to the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted.

Fined motorists are to be given a deadline of the end of the year to respond to an offer of a refund, after which the cash will go to charity.

Herts County Council has calculated that if one in 10 fines are unclaimed the hospice will benefit to the tune of £100,000.

Drivers will also be given the option of donating their fine.

Almost 35,000 fines totalling £930,000 were issued by the bus lane camera in Hemel Hempstead until it was ruled unlawful following an appeal.

It could potentially cost £1.26 million of taxpayers’ cash to refund all the tickets.

Councillor Stuart Pile, who oversees highways and transport, said: “A letter will be sent out soon offering to refund all charges, provided an application is received by December 31, 2012. Should the unclaimed sum exceed £100,000, a further report will be brought to cabinet with the firm intention that any excess will also be donated to charity.”