Hospital’s caterers will test for horse DNA

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Caterers that supply hospital meals to patients will be DNA testing its processed meats as a precaution following the horsemeat scandal.

The Compass Group supplies food to West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Hemel Hempstead’s Urgent Care Centre, Watford and St Albans hospitals.

A trust spokesman said: “Our catering contractors have reassured the trust that its nominated meat suppliers adhere to the required traceability, testing and hygiene standards and specifications. Independent audits are carried out regularly to ensure these standards are upheld. As an added precaution for the foreseeable future Compass has decided to begin a comprehensive and independent DNA testing programme across all its processed meat products.

“The quality of the meals provided to our patients is vitally important, not only for its nutritional value, but also as it makes a real difference to a patient’s overall hospital experience.”