Hospitals are beating the winter vomiting bug despite cases soaring in other parts of the country

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Hemel Hempstead and Watford hospitals are still dodging the dreaded winter vomiting virus despite cases soaring nationally.

West Herts NHS Trust, which runs both the Hemel Hempstead Urgent Care Centre and Watford General Hospital, has had just one case of the highly contagious norovirus since the summer.

It is in stark contrast to the latest national figures that reveal that more than one million people have been struck down and the toll is expected to rise in the new year. Some hospital wards have been forced to close to prevent any further spread of the infection.

The virus causes vomiting but is normally a short-lived infection from which people usually recover within 12 to 60 hours.

It can be transmitted from person to person, by consuming contaminated food or water or through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.